School Fees Loans

If you want a loan for your children's Education, ECB is here for you!

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School Fees Loans


This is a loan for financing education. It can be used to pay: school shopping, school fees and all that goes into preparing children for School. The money applied for can be up to 5,000 SSP per term or semester with duration of 4-24 months. The Charges will include 18% interest, 2% processing fee & 1% credit insurance

The requirements needed

  • Be between ages 22 – 59 years
  • Have a steady source of income that is verifiable
  • Must be confirmed staff in place of present employment
  • Have a working current or savings bank account
  • Have valid identification –Passport & National ID Card

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Current Rates
Country Currency Buying Selling
GBP 203.945 222.31
UGX 0.0427 0.06
SDG 17.5743 18.64
EURO 177.514 193.5
USD 156.4 170.48
KSH 1.562 1.71

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