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Eden Commercial Bank is a public limited liability company owned by South Sudanese. Prior to its establishment as a banking institution, it operated for two years as Eden Transport Company and later introduced a money transfer component that spread in the Nine States of the Republic of South Sudan with (27) twenty seven branches including Money Transfer Agencies.

It was due to this great innovation of the money transfer services that gave birth to Eden Commercial Bank Plc. which became duly registered by the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development, GOSS in 2009 and finally obtained a license to operate conventional banking services on 6th August 2012.

It is operationally, Five (5) years in existence with currently 4 (Four) fully pledged bank branches in the Country, mainly in strategic cities/towns of Malakia Main Branch (located in Juba City, Dream Mall (located in Juba Town, Yei(located in Yei Town) and Maridi (located in Maridi Town).

Twenty Three (23) are operating as Money Transfers Agencies and Eight (8) are being closed temporally due to the insecurity and economic hardships in some parts of the Country.

Embedded in the institution objectives, vision and mission that are cardinally geared towards value proposition for customers to get affordable financial services, much emphasis is centered on creating confidence for what customers need.

We subscribe to the Code of Banking Practice, a set of principles and prudential regulations governing banking in South Sudan and the world-over through maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, regulatory compliance and financial disclosures.

Our Vision

Eden Commercial Bank vision is not only to make money, but to be the lead bank in rendering financial services in the Republic of South Sudan

Our Mission

Dedicated to deliver quality banking services and products to customers wherever they are while embracing financial freedom

Our Objectives

  • To be the leading financial institution in South Sudan
  • Aim at providing the best local and international banking services nationally, regionally and worldwide.
  • To reach the unbanked, create affordable banking services and provide loans to the business people in order to create sustainable self-employment to the local communities
  • Empower business entrepreneurs with business skill and financing

Our Motto

We do What We Say and Say What We do.

Our Culture

A distinct culture starts with great people. We do not deliver exceptional client services with impression of only making profits but we strive to bridge relationship and build trust. Running through everything in our shared values, which inspires our people/customers in South Sudan and globally, our commitment to providing quality service/products is paramount as embedded in who we are and in everything we do.

Our values

Our values define who we are as:

  • People who demonstrate integrity, respect and teaming
  • People with energy, enthusiasm and the courage to lead
  • People who build relationships based on trust

Our people

We are highly regarded as a people-centered bank. Performance management, reward programmes and shareholding are just some of the ways in which we encourage and motivate our people to develop to their full potential. Our vision recognizes that people are our competitive advantage. Consequently ongoing focus is given to building stronger and deeper teams of talented people. We recognize that continual improvement is required in our people management processes to ensure we attract and retain talent. Our culturally diverse staff reflects the richness and uniqueness of our country we do business in.

Our Ethics

  1. General
  2. Our policies, products, and behavior conform in spirit as well as in law to the highest moral principles. We ensure maximum compliance to all regulatory requirements and perform our operations in-line with generally acceptable practices that conforms to the banking industry

  3. Our Approach
  4. We approach all our relationships on the basis that they will be long term. This means that we conduct them honestly and scrupulously. We do not take advantage. We do not deceive. What we say we will do, we do. If we are prevented, we say so as soon as we know. We know that business depends on trust. We do all we can to earn it and nothing to impair it. The quality we aim at in all our dealings is integrity.

  5. The Bank
  6. We all depend on the bank (Eden Commercial Bank). We try to protect and enhance its name and reputation and we do not act in ways that would bring discredit on it. We keep its secrets secret. If we are faced with a conflict of interest, we declare it. We look after its assets as if they were our own.

  7. Colleagues
  8. We do all we can to ensure that colleagues are treated properly and given every chance the bank can offer to realize their full potential. We work within a team and do all we can to support other members of that team and of other teams in the bank. We do not let personal ambition drive us into behavior of which we would be ashamed if it were known. If we are leaders at any level, we set an example knowing that what we do and refrain from doing are as important as what we say.

  9. The Community
  10. We observe the laws and regulations to the letter in our own country and in any Country in which we do business. We respect the local community in which we work and try to add to its coherence. We have regard for and respect the environment. We encourage colleagues to play their part in the community.

  11. The Goverment
  12. We enjoy support from our local authorities in the Communities of South Sudan, States Government of Central Equatoria being a shareholder and the National Government. Our compliance to responding government requirement is not compromised as such we have good relationship.

  13. Customers
  14. Whatever others do, we do not bribe to obtain or keep business. If we pay commissions they must appear on the face of the documents. We look after customers as if they were there forever; we compete for their business as if they would leave tomorrow. We do not accept bribes. We keep their secrets (within the limits of the law). Our services meet our description and all relevant standards and we know that our bank’s position in highly competitive in the markets meaning we must exhibit superior values to deliver satisfactory service.

  15. Shareholders
  16. We remember their interests and try to protect them. We do not waste their assets or give them away without their permission. We keep them accurately informed. The accounts we present to them are reliable, truthful, accurate, and complete. We try to paint as clear a picture as possible of the bank’s position and prospects. There are no ‘off books’ transactions.

We further demonstrate our values through;

  • Serving our customers
  • We do everything in our power to ensure that we provide our customers with the products, services and solutions to suit their needs, provided that everything we do for them is based on sound business principles.

  • Growing our people
  • We encourage and help our people to develop to their full potential, and measure our leaders on how well they grow and challenge the people they lead.

  • Delivering to our shareholders
  • We understand that we earn the right to exist by providing appropriate long-term returns to our shareholders. We try extremely hard to meet our various targets and deliver on our commitments.

  • Being proactive
  • We strive to stay ahead by anticipating rather than reacting, but our actions are always carefully considered.

  • Working in teams
  • We, and all aspects of our work, are interdependent. We appreciate that, as teams, we can achieve much greater things than as individuals. We value teams within and across business units.

  • Guarding against arrogance
  • We have confidence in our ability to achieve ambitious goals and we celebrate success, but we must never allow ourselves to become arrogant.

  • Respecting each other
  • We have the highest regard for the dignity of all people. We respect each other and what Eden Bank stands for. We recognize that there are corresponding obligations associated with our individual rights.

  • Upholding the highest levels of integrity
  • Our entire business model is based on trust and integrity as perceived by our stakeholders, especially our customers.

Our stakeholders

  1. Shareholders – the shareholders are only South Sudanese nationals and have no any financial support from any or international credit financing institutions
  2. Communities– many of the communities call the bank “our bank” as such it is the demand of the communities driving the need to establish a branch.
  3. Government Institution– we have the support of the government
  4. Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)/churches – reputable organizations rendering services to most rural areas find Eden bank the only reliable financial institution deeply rooted in supporting their programs.
  5. Business people/Traders – SMEs are the targeted clients.
  6. Peasant farmers– the bank is planning to step-up Agri-financing facility to rural farmers.
  7. Students – we do offer small students loans to the disadvantaged who after studies get employed with the bank and repay.

Our Exceptional experience

Eden Commercial Bank presents the best customers base approach to low income earners by providing affordable financial services to those who cannot be reached (the unbanked) by most financial Institutions due to remoteness of some areas and the level market demand.

Unlike the giant known banks worldwide operating in South Sudan, Eden Commercial Bank has the fastest and widest local money transfer network that has gained a potential grip covering 90% of the Country’s accessible local financial service delivery ability to the communities.

Eden Commercial Bank PLC uses an automated banking system which enables fast processing of transactions. This system has improved efficiency on our banking operations thus minimizing chances of errors since all the products and services are programmed.

Our corresponding banks are within the most well-known top financial institutions regionally and in the world especially; Commerz bank, Stanbic bank etc

Our strategy to reaching markets & Partners

We aim to build the leading South Sudan financial services organization using all our local competitive advantages to the fullest.

We will focus on delivering superior sustainable shareholder value by serving the needs of our customers through first class, on-the-ground operations in South Sudan. We understand our customers and clients' needs and our ground strategy is in line with many of their growth aspirations

Besides, our heritage as a national institution put us in a strong position to capitalize on the vast un-tapped South Sudan opportunities in the banking industry through offering loans to the business people in order to boost trade in all sectors.

More so, our strategic relationship with our correspondents Banks in Africa has strengthened partnership opportunities with growing businesses through finance trade. We have a successful track record in building businesses across South Sudan are dedicated to achieving exceptional customer service and operational excellence.

Our key differentiator is our people who are passionate about our strategy, wherever in the world they are based. We employ self-motivated, qualified and experienced people who are ready to take challenging tasks.

Current Rates
Country Currency Buying Selling
GBP 203.945 222.31
UGX 0.0427 0.06
SDG 17.5743 18.64
EURO 177.514 193.5
USD 156.4 170.48
KSH 1.562 1.71

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